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Are you able to afford a home and make the monthly payments… but you’ve still been turned down for a mortgage loan?

You’re not alone. Unfortunately, upwards of 80% of Americans today can’t qualify for a mortgage loan or any kind of home financing. If you’re one of those people, maybe you think you’ll be stuck renting for life… Who wants to be stuck renting a place where you have no control? With surprise rent hikes or having the landlord sell the house out from under you? Who wants to be stuck renting a place that you and your family can’t truly call your own?

If this sounds like you, please see the videos to the right to see if our Rent-to-Own Program is right for you. Then contact us using the form below.


How does Rent-to-own work?



Can I get into a home for zero down?


What if I want to get ahead of the game?